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National Day Speech by H.E. Amb. Li Zhiguo


Your Excellency Mr. Abudussalam Al-Qadi, Deputy Prime Minister, representative of Libya government,

Dear Ministers, undersecretaries, ambassadors to Libya,

Dear guests, ladies and gentlemen, good evening,

    Tomorrow marks the 64th anniversary of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. My wife and I are delighted to join you tonight to celebrate this great event. First of all, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to Mr. Abudussalam Al-Qadi, Deputy Prime Minister, representative of Libya government, and all the guests here.

    China is an ancient country with 5000 years of civilization while the People’s Republic of China is just a 64-year-old young nation. Over the past 64 years, China has made remarkable achievement. Since 30 years of reform and opening up to the world, the average annual growth rate of China’s economy runs up to 9.8%. In the year 2012, China’s per capital GDP reached $6100, ranking the 89th in the world, behind the 87th placed Libya by two places. China’s average per capita income has reached $4700, occupying the 127th place in the world. Nearly 300 million people in rural area have been lifted out of poverty and the average life expectancy in China has risen from 35 years before 1949 to 73.5 years at present. China has become the world’s second largest economy, the largest exporter and the biggest emerging market on the global stage.

    Although we have made tremendous achievement, we face many challenges. We are acutely aware that China will remain a developing country for a long time. Despite of the big-size economy, China has a large population with many per capital indexes ranking after the hundredth place in the world, for instance, China’s economic aggregate ranking the second globally while ranking the 104 place in term of the per capital. Among the 1.3 billion populations, 65% are peasants, about 100 million people in China living on less than $1 a day; China’s land area ranks the third in the world while the per capital arable land area of China is less than one third that of the world; China’s water resources ranks the fourth in the world while the quantity per capita is only a quarter of the world average, ranking the 121th place globally.

Dear friends,

    The great achievements of new China are the outcome of the capable leadership of the Communist party of China and the united endeavor of the people of all ethnic groups. The secret of our achievement, to the final analysis, is through continuous exploration, practice and analysis, setting up the suitable social system, finding out the unique development path and working out the correct guiding theories. We have every confidence in our system, path and theories as they are the fundamental guarantee of our continued success.

    Since this year, China’s economic development has entered the second quarter featured with better quality and higher efficiency, independently slowing down the economic growth speed. The growth rate is 7.5% in the first half of this year, which is slower compared with the double-digit growth in previous years. The shift of economic growth rate from high speed to medium one is required for China entering the transitional development stage. China is capable to maintain a long-term, sustained and sound economic development.

    Some friends have recently been asking me about the meaning of “Chinese Dream”. “Chinese Dream” reflects the longing and aspiration of every Chinese ordinary people for a better life, a sweet dream combining the best wishes for country prosperity, national revitalization and people happiness.

Ladies and gentlemen,

    Libya is greeting the second anniversary of the success of February 17th Revolution. We are pleased to see that Libya has made continued progress in establishing and improving her state machine, electing her legislature, establishing government and moving forward in political transition and economic reconstruction. Despite of all kinds of challenges, we believe that the difficulties are temporary and the future is bright. We sincerely hope that Libya would make new achievement in the path of ensuring people’s well-being, social stability and economic development.

    China and Libya have laid a solid foundation for mutual beneficial cooperation. Since the bilateral trade contacts were made in 1951, the volume of bilateral trade has increased from tens of millions dollars in the 80th of last century to 8.8 billion dollars last year and China has contracted to build 20 billion worth of construction projects in Libya. The pragmatic development between the two countries is expanding to various fields.

    During the February 17th Revolution, China has given considerable support to Libya on international occasions, provided substantial material assistance. China’s telecommunication enterprises stuck to the post in those days, maintaining and ensuring the smooth of Libya’s telecommunication during and after the Revolution. Not long ago, on behalf of our respective governments, Libyan Health Minister and I have jointly signed Economic and Technological Agreement between the two countries. Mr. AbudulAziz, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Libya, together with other foreign ministers in African countries, held a political consultation with Chinese foreign minister in New York and Libyan Health Minister Mr. Dughman led a delegation to Beijing to participate the Ministerial Forum of the China-Africa Health Development. So far, there have been three Chinese enterprises signing the work resumption contract with Libyan owners.

    China always respects the people’s independent choice of their own political system and development path and is willing to develop a friendly cooperative relationship with Libya and the rest of the world on the basis of mutual respect, mutual trust and win-win collaboration. The friendly cooperation between China and Libya has great potential and China supports and is ready to actively participate in Libya’s efforts in the nation reconstruction. As the new ambassador to Libya, I will continue to make unremitting efforts to deepen the friendly cooperation between our two countries.

     Finally, I sincerely wish that Libya will continually make new achievement in the process of nation reconstruction; the friendly cooperative relationship of our two countries will move forward. I wish you all good health and happy life.


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