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Special Representative of the Chinese Government for Darfur at the International Conference on Darfur in Tripoli


An international conference on the Darfur issue was held in the Libyan capital Tripoli from July 15th to 16th with the participation of representatives from AU, LAS, EU, UN and 14 countries including the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. The Special Representative of the Chinese government for Darfur, Ambassador Liu Guijin, attended this conference and expounded China's stance and propositions on the settlement of the issue.

Ambassador Liu gives a positive evaluation on the progress of the Darfur issue after the first international conference on the situation in Darfur held in Tripoli last April. The joint efforts made by AU, UN and regional countries are affirmatively appraised. In order to accelerate the political process in this region, the Tripartite Mechanism consisting of AU, UN and Sudanese Government should be made full use of as the main channel to address this issue, the AU and the UN should lead the international efforts on this, all other initiatives should go inline with this effective mechanism. Further more, the leaders of the non-signatories of the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) should be influenced by the exertion of all relevant parties so to be urged to resume political negotiations with the Sudanese Government and join the peace process at an early date. Appeals are made to the international community to pay more attention and provide concrete assistance to the development and reconstruction as well as the improvement of the humanitarian conditions of this region.

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